All The Colors Of The Dark (1972)

All The Colors Of The Dark, Sergio Martino‘s 1972 Italian thriller is, to quote Nathaniel Thompson’s DVD Delirium is a “feverish cross between a murder mystery and Rosemary’s Baby”. While lumped in with the popular 70s Italian Genre, Giallo, it is more an occult flavored paranoia piece with a touch of psychic happenings. A veritable time capsule of early 70s style which trips taboo triggers, including the then popular Satanic cult trope, and uses plenty of camera tricks.

This is one of several pairings of George Hilton and Edwige Fenech from this time period. While not their strongest teaming, they know work well together. Blade Of The Ripper, another Martino film, from two years earlier is their best film together. The other actresses in All The Colors Of The Dark, Susan Scott (Nieves Navarro) and Marina Malfatti, no strangers to Giallo turn in decent performances as Edwige’s sister and mysterious neighbor respectively. Julian Ugarte puts in a creepy turn as the cult leader. Ivan Rassimov lends his intense presence as the blue eyed stalker.

Modern horror fans raised on more current video-influenced teens in danger films will be turned off by its retro ways. If you think of old movies as being from the 80s, this is not for you. Terror fans with a feel for the past will find it an atmospheric take on the “is she losing her mind” storyline.

Note – The picture quality on the dvd is not indicative in the pictures included these are phone captures from the case art.

not shots from the dvd but from the box!

not shots from the dvd but from the box!


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