Dreams of Decadence 3 – Grillet’s Generators

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These quotes explain the difference between Continental and European film making, in terms of how visuals and plot interact within genre conventions.
” Plots come to consist of what Alain Robbe-Grillet, in a literary context, called ‘generators’. That’s to say they are launching off points for both audience and film-maker into a shared world of wonder, terror and spectacle.”

“What these ‘generators’ do is to open doors for the spectator into the visual structure of the films. Common reference points give the audience a sense of familiarity and free the film-maker to logically underscore each plot-point”

“Its application to European popular cinema was to create a series of visual and dramatic builidng blocks, around which the various stories — spy films, horror films and sex melodrams and so on could be built. Each would have its own points of reference, although with time these might be combined to produce more complex structure.”

pg. 21, Immoral Tales, Tohill and Tombs


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