Error on 8th and 42nd

Jeff Simmermon over at “And I An Not Lying” wrote:

“I love it when things slip off the rails a little, just enough to let you see the smoking gears behind the face of a public machine. It’s part of what I love about the city — people get hot, they get tired, they speak their freaking minds and then EVERYONE knows what’s really going on.

Apparently the computer that powers a billboard at the Port Authority Bus Terminal just sat right down on the subway steps and cracked a beer open about a month ago. Me and David saw this billboard last night at 8th and 42nd just showing the biggest error message in the world in one of the world’s busiest intersection — it’s the digital equivalent of rocking into the office in sweatpants and a yellowing wife-beater.

I didn’t take these photos, but I saw this last night. And gauging by the dates on the photos on Flickr, this billboard’s been phoning it in for over a month…”

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Times Square Billboard Error

Times Square Billboard Error
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