The Second Coming of Cheesus

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Four Months ago, according to CNN -Houston, TX — Some people consider eating to be a religious experience, but one Texas pastor found God in his Cheetos�. Actually, It was Cheesus.

That’s the name a member of the church gave to the Cheeto� that Pastor Steve Cagg was about to eat. He says at first he thought it looked like a dog, but when he turned it around he saw what he said was an image of Jesus praying.

One doubter says the Cheeto� looks like Lietenant Dan from the movie “Forrest Gump”. But the Cheeto � is still special to Cragg. He kees it in a special box so that he doesn’t eat it by accident. ”

And now over at Yahoo, today –

How long until the next sighting? What the hell is going on at Frito Lay? Are Cheetos kosher?


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