Clowns Taste Funny: You Tube Sketch Mix #1

Emergency Caterers

John Candy on SCTV was the greatest.

The Waiters

Recognize these guys? They are comedy giants now.  From the short lived Dana Carvey Show.

The Fairsley Difference

I love me some Mr. Show! Under-rated or simply underground? How underground can you be on HBO?

Roy’s Food Repair

Gentle, clever sketch comedy from short lived offering “The New Show”. Only lasted 8 episodes and had a good mix of comedians. Where’s the DVD?

America Will Blow Up The Moon

More Mr. Show.  No more food theme. Great sketch. May be some language, don’t recall any. I am not shocked easily.

Merv Griffin Show/Salute to the 60s

This is one I like but most folks won’t remember Merv’s show too well. Strangely enough, I do, though I was very young at the time. Like this one for its absurdity and pop culture reference. Comedy has gotten so predictable these days in comparison. Where is the 21st century SCTV or Monty Python?



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2 responses to “Clowns Taste Funny: You Tube Sketch Mix #1

  1. This is an awesome collection! Thanks so much.


  2. Sam

    BWAHAHAHAHAAAA! That’s hilarious!

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