Likely Stories Double Feature

In the early 80s, David Jablin created a comedy anthology program called “Likely Stories” for HBO/Cinemax. It featured the directorial debuts of actor/directors like Danny DeVito and Christopher Guest. And lucky for us, it’s available on YouTube!

Likely Stories can be adult in its themes and presentation but never dumb. Dark humor and satire is here for those who want it. In my mind it represents a strain of comedy so hard to find these days.

Black comedy is not a code phrase for “And, yeah, we kill people in it, too”.

Will someone please release this series to DVD!

Danny Devito’s “The Selling Of Vince D’ Angelo”

Christopher Guest’s “Dead Ringer”

Bonus Feature!

David Wechter’s “School, Girls & You”

Probably NSFW. Not for the easily offended either. But I find it HILARIOUS.

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