Clowns Taste Funny #2

Here’s another comedy mix I mined from YouTube.

Dylan Moran

Here’s Dylan at The Comedy Store. Don’t know what to say about ’em really. Distinct delivery, entertaining presence. Check ’em out with Bill Bailey in Black Books.

Bad Vicar

Mitchell and Webb, the stars of Peep Show, have their own sketch comedy show, “That Mitchell and Webb Look”. My favorite UK comedy act right now.

Pre-taped Call in Show

A classic sketch from Mr. Show.

Nathan Thurm

A quick character sketch from Martin Short. Laughter is in the details.

Bad Waiter

Starting here, I have gone with a waiter/restaurant theme.

Dipping Areas

Rudy Will Await Your Foundation

I miss the song at the end of the sketch but hey, it doesn’t make sense unless you saw the episode. Mr. Show really got into connecting all the sketches in an episode together. Still funny though.

The Bill

Big fan of Kids in The Hall. Really love their flair for the absurd and their characterizations.

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