Backstage Patter

One of the things with TSFI I have tried to do is not do so much navel gazing. The lesson I learned from Syntaxi, my last blog, besides choose your blog name carefully, is to resist the urge to show too much behind the curtain. I was torn between creating quality posts and just keep posting. With the number of blogs out there, it is unlikely that someone is going to slog through some long discursive post. And let’s face it, we are all busy. This is not a paying market. I know that is a horrible thing to say since this should be done out of devotion at the very least. So what happened was my reach exceeded my grasp. And that lead to posts which were undercooked, posts were patched together at the last moment, and mad scrambles just to keep this alive. Since it is free entertainment and supposed to be fun, this defeats the purpose of doing this. It should be a quick and dirty rush that fills all involved with enjoyment. So it is a one night stand with the same person several times a month. And with this goal in mind, I started TSFI to do just that.

Well, ideally. Strangely, I’ve still had plans for more ambitious blog projects. I just learned my lesson about saying anything before I actually had the goods. Not to mention there is this visual component. And that has really been a driver for me. Thanks to Clipmarks, a Firefox app which has allowed me to blog quickly, this has become a largely visual blog. Well Clipmarks, Youtube, and WordPress anyways.

As I find myself going into fall, birthday approaching, I want this to have more personally created content. So the time between posts seems to be growing further apart again. Like I have an audience, I am feeling like this is slipping away. While I can’t say how long it will be, there will be some time between posts. I just wanted to let those who swing by with any regularity that hey I am not dead!

At this point, let me encourage anyone who jumps into my webspace to give me a shout. Do I suck or what? I will be trying to find ways to avoid the standard review blog model while trying to give TSFI some personality. While not taxing anyone’s valuable time. Okay that’s enough backstage talk.


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