31 posts to Halloween: Post 1 – Guy N Smith Quotes

Here’s my modest event for October.I am going to post 31 posts for Halloween. Of course they’ll all be horror related. So let’s get started with some amusing quotes from Guy N Smith’s novels.
clipped from www.imdb.com

Gordon would you … take me away from here? Take me with you, where there aren’t such things as wolves, Black Dogs and people cutting their heads off with saws. – from Werewolf by Moonlight

…her reply was lost in the moans and the writhings of their united bodies as they reached the ultimate possible peak of pleasure which any man and woman can climb. – From Night of the Crabs

Why shouldn’t a child’s corpse turn into a pike? No reason at all…Maybe he was a fish and hadn’t realised it up until now. – From The Undead

This doomed girl had not only risen from her deathbed but she had turned into a nymphomaniac. – From The Resurrected

He did something that caused the elephant to go berserk and the potato vendor to burn to death. – From The Dark One

Nothing else mattered…Not even the giant crabs. – From Night of the Crabs

… his brain tottered on the brink of that chasm of imbecility from which there was no return. – From Fiend
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