31 posts to Halloween: Post 2 – Gialloween

clipped from bloodyitaliana.blogspot.com

blog it
Here’s what inspired me to do something ‘bloggy’ for Halloween.

For those who don’t know Giallo is an Italian genre which flourished in the late 60s/early70s and to some extent continues today. Gialli are murder mysteries which have more emphasis on the mayhem than the mystery. Sprinkle in a Eurotrash fashion sense and some sleazy sex…Viola! You have some very fun flicks which always have cinematic flair to burn.

So over at Bloody Italiana, they are doing a countdown to Halloween starting on October 3rd. Sounds cool. I can’t wait!

Well that’s 2 down and 29 more to go. Yeah, I am starting early but this is going to be a close one folks. I can’t wait to see if I can pull this off!


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