31 Posts to Halloween: Post 5 – Terror Behind The Walls

clipped from www.gophila.com

Terror Behind the Walls at Eastern State Penitentiary
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From the gophila.com site:

“The massive Eastern State Penitentiary — a gothic, castle-like structure in Philadelphia’s Fairmount neighborhood — is home to one of the nation’s largest and most ambitious haunted attractions, Terror Behind the Walls.

The event has been ranked one of the nation’s Top 5 haunted attractions by America Online, and called “perfect for Halloween” by The New York Times. It is now in its 17th year.

For 2008, the Penitentiary has expanded one of its best attractions: Intake. At Intake, you will board a creepy bus that takes you to the Processing Center, where you will go through finger printing, mug shots and your frightening first meeting with the Warden.

Intake is one of five separate haunted houses within the 11-acre complex. The other attractions are Night Watch, Lock Down, 13 Rooms and The Experiment (in 3-D!).

Designed to be high-startle and low-gore, Terror Behind the Walls includes Hollywood-quality special effects and lighting, digital sound, animatronic creatures and custom props. ”

Sounds cool. They even have a romantic night option further do the page. But there is something twisted about going on a date that culminates in going to prison! To make it even more surreal, Elvira could be there too! For more info, you know what to do…


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