31 Posts to Halloween: Post 14 – Templar Terror

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Over at Love Train For The Tenebrous Empire, Tenebrous Kate did a review for 1971’s Tombs of The Blind Dead. With this post, I can point out two great works. Kate’s page is obviously a labour of love for all things Euro-trashy. Amando de Ossorio’s Tombs of The Blind Dead is a pivotal film in understanding the allure of Spanish horror films circa 1970s. Atmospheric and camp, this is a film that will get a spin this Halloween in the Fugue household. A shout out to a premier cult film DVD label Blue Underground is also in order. BU is a great company doing its part to keep the 42nd Street/Grindhouse vibe alive in the 21st century. While Ossorio’s output is not totally consistent, Tombs is a classic that should be seen by those who enjoy their horror movies gothic and gory.

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