31 Posts to Halloween: Post 20 – Swedish Vampire Intrigue

With the big day on its way in 14 days, I figured it was time to come back to the drive towards All Hallows’ Eve.

Keeping with the movie theme that has dominated this event, we turn our darkened eyes away from old European Horror towards new European Horror. I know, what a big shift!

Let the Right One In, a Swedish vampire film, has met with plenty of raves on the festival film circuit. From the Tribecca Film Festival to more genre associated events like Frightfest, this movie is kicking up alot of dust. In fact it supposed to being showing at Toronto After Dark. To be in Canada tonight!

And of course, Hollywood is already devising its version of the film. Cloverfield director Matt Reeves is already attached with the project. As is the recently revived Hammer Films on the production side of things. Well along with Overture Films, the genius behind the panned Righteous Kill and the last nail in Diane Keaton’s credability Mad Money. So my hopes for anything beyond pale imitation is low.

The general release of the original is slated for October 25th. Which means if you are not close enough to a large city, like your curator, you will be S.O.L. Still it does leave the window wide open (heh) for this vampire film to fly onto the dvd shelves and leave its mark.

So here’s a trailer to give you a taste…

Hey I just might make my target date! I swear I’ll try to make this more into a horror flick roundout. No promises though. Something about this time of year makes fall into a landslide of movies. That said I am aiming to include some comics oriented posts and aural treats. But I am so picky about both of these things. I am not big into franchise tie-ins and heavy metal, the frustrating default settings for this genre.  Don’t be shocked if some non-horror related posts make it into the mix. Perhaps in penance for my early start on the event or just a by-product of the incessant search for relevant posts. So expect some activity this weekend!


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