31 Posts to Halloween: Post 24 – ThE RebirtH Of ThE WeirD

clipped from www.weirdtales.net

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If there was any justice in the world, more people would know about the magazine Weird Tales ands its legacy. Lovecraft, Howard, Bradbury and many others filled those pages with a blend of gothic fantasy, science fiction, and horror from 1923 to 1954.

And every decade since that point there has been efforts to keep the Weird Tale tradition alive. When you got genre icons like Cthulhu and Conan emerging from it, it’s no surprise that a new incarnation of the magazine finally returned in 1988.

After a few ownership shifts and editorial overhauls, we have what looks to me like a revitalized publication. With Ann Vandermeer in place as story editor, I going to give it a look.

And you can too if you head on over to the remodeled Weird Tales site. In the News and Events section, you can download issue 350 of Weird Tales for free. And Halloween is all about free floating weirdness!

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