31 Posts to Halloween: Post 25 – Walk Zombies Walk!

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Talk about synchronicity. my 25th Halloween post on the 25th day.

Today, World Zombie Day, is the start of The It’s Alive! 2008 Zombie Fest. It is held at The Monroeville Mall in Monroeville, PA. If you want to learn more, shamble over to Zombiefest site.

You may not make it to the actual ground zero of the classic Dawn Of The Dead movie but, maybe you can set up your own local zombie flashmob thing this weekend. It’s never too late to walk like a zombie! I wish I could be there but, I’ll watch City of The Living Dead or somethin’. Don’t worry though there will be plenty of zombie loving go on here over the weekend. I got a target number to hit…Stay Tuned!


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