31 Posts To Halloween:Post 28 – Trailers, Again?

Okay now I am starting to feel the burn. I am really wondering if I can make it, without copping out, the whole way to 31 posts. But hey it’s been fun! This has been a good month on the posting side of things SO it hasn’t been a total loss. So here’s a couple trailers plus my comments of them.

My Bloody Valentine in 3-D

Lionsgate, you are starting to get on my nerves. It’s cool you want to release horror movies BUT how about some that don’t suck. Also get a different voice-over guy…This guy has been seriously over-used. He doesn’t sound scary. He sounds like he needs a lozenge.  As MBV3D, I can’t wait for people to bitch about the 3-D because it is not like what they saw in the trailer. You don’t believe me? Just wait.

Eden Lake

I want to be kind to this movie. Cinematography looks good and it might have a good ragged edge to it. However it feels familiar. Substitute British kids for inbred rednecks, viola!

Plague Town

Or you could substitute Irish Kids instead. It has all these blurbs telling what I am seeing is new and extreme. I am just not convinced. I have respect for the director for his contributions to horror. Not sure this will translate into I like this movie.

Well that’s another post in the can. Check back soon to see if I will crash and burn! It’s going to be a bloody rush to the finish. Happy Pre-Halloween, people!


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