31 Posts to Halloween: Post 29 – Echoes in The Dark

clipped from www.darkecho.com

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Digging into my early jaunts in cyberspace, I came to find that Dark Echo has had an upgrade to their site. Very cool. Paula Guran’s site was one of the first places I wound up when looking into the world of horror fiction. It really brought me back to a spot I really love. The place where horror, mystery, science fiction and fantasy are simply compass points of the imagination.

Swing over to Dark Echo and dig around. Lots of good interviews in the 3.0 archives with folks like John Shirley and Peter Straub. Not to mention fiction reviews, past and present. Halloween isn’t just about movies and candy. Take some time and curl up with a strange tale as well! Or at the very least give Dark Echo a look.

In the home stretch, I am starting to get something that may be a second wind. Could be wrong but don’t be shocked if this spirals out after the 31 posts is done. There’s a few ideas cooking up in this skull of mine. Some more ambitious than others. I can’t wait to see how this ends! It is going to be a photo finish.

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