31 Posts To Halloween: Post 30 – Savini Style!

Without getting too deep into it, I will take practical “old school” special effects over CGI any day of the week. I doubt anyone would debate the stature of Tom Savini in the potter’s field of effects artists. This man is responsible for so many of your 70s/80s horror movie memories that he is the Santa of Halloween! And I’m not talking about his weight or the classic movie here!

So to give a nod to this master, here’s a blast from the past via YouTube. Scream Greats is a rare video magazine that Fangoria did back in the 80s. Lots of great vintage stuff coming up as we head to the big day!

Scream Greats pt 1

Scream Greats pt 2

Scream Greats pt 3

Scream Great pt 4

Scream Great pt 5

Well I am done hanging around for the day. Happy Entrails everybody!

Sorry, couldn’t resist.


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