Back To The Fugue


After last month’s mad dash to 31 posts, I took a quick break.  I must admit I am at a loss at what to do now.  It was so much fun to do all those horror related posts that it is hard to switch gears. Heck, I am not sure I want to.  Also it was a nice milestone for TSFI – It was my best month so far! Not alot of comments but more traffic. Comments would be cool but I’ll take some traffic. It was also a personal blog goal for me as well. I came up with an event and actually pulled it off. Which is funny since it was not entirely original and I flew by the seat of my pants the whole time. There are plenty of special projects that I’ve wanted to do which are still not done. But there are alot of outside projects which are calling for my ever shrinking free time as well. Where I am going to do next is still not clear but, I just wanted to let folks know that TSFI is on my mind. Expect things to ramp up slowly with a projected flurry of activity the closer we get to Thanksgiving. Possibly some posts this weekend? Stranger things have happened.

Hitting the wall


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