A Taste of Lisztomania 1

Ken Russell’s Lisztomania (1975) has been called, by Roger Ebert, ” a bezerk exercise of demented genius “. And I can go along with that diagnosis. The flair and extravagance of the film is a derrangement of the senses. And thanks to YouTube you can catch it. The movie is unavailable on dvd and rarely shown otherwise. The print is not great but certainly watchable if subtitles in another language doesn’t drive you nuts. But hey this is a love or hate movie so you’ll just have to deal.

So here’s the first of two or three posts of the film. Of course you go find all eleven parts on your own but why you want to do that? Do I have to point out that this is NSFW? It’s Ken Russell, you know? There is nudity through out, adult themes, and a general wacked attitude. 70s cinema was the best.

Part One

Part Two

Part Three

Part Four


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