Confessions Of A Lazy Blogger – January 2009


I have been doing TSFI for seven months, after putting my maiden voyage, Syntaxi, to bed, and it feels like I’m making progress. No, I have not gotten a lot of comments but I am getting a sense of what I can do. I have not been able to find the time to do as much original content as I would like.  This just has to do with my other projects and a shrinking amount of free time. With  the help of Firefox 3’s blogging tools, I have been able to keep the amount of time that I have to expend on blogging at a reasonable level. I do enjoy blogging. It is just not the sole focus of my writing life. Let me just say at this time to all the people who devote the time to posting day in and day out, thanks! In the last two years, blogs have really become a constant in my surfing life.


I am sure many of you have noted the lack of a links page. This has been because a large portion of my posts are done through clipmarks which notes my sources. This is not meant to be a disservice to those sources but is just a sign of my own laziness.  I find the task of building a link list to be a daunting one.  Someday, I will break down and do it. But certainly not now. It would deep six any attempt at regular posting. To my way of thinking that’s what keeps this going on. Getting it out there as often as possible with minimal effort and conciseness.

The attempts at blogging I have done have made me look at my own surfing habits. While I love nice long insightful posts, I fear that I am not so different from most internet denizens. The web is an engine built on distraction (and commerce).  It takes real effort and focus to get all that it offers without succumbing to grazing. And there are times when I am not up to the task. With this in mind, I have really been trying to keep my posts brief. Unlike this one!

I thought about retiring TSFI and coming up with something more focused. However, I realized that I like the broad scope of it. I do not feel confident that I could break all my interests into their own blogs. I have time for just one and this is it. (Well, one personal blog, anyway.)

I have plans for posts in different styles and original content. I will resist the urge to say what exactly. It saves me from the annoyance of having to admit my plans have come to nothing. I am not a guy with a long term strategy but I have lots of angles I’d like to try. In this spirit, I am going to try to make Confessions a bi-monthly pulling back of the curtain to chart my adventures in bloggery. It is all an experiment in form and content, so be prepared for anomalies and delays. If you took the time to read all of this ramble, thanks!


If you have CONSTRUCTIVE criticism or hints that could help me improve, drop me a line or leave a comment.

– George Latenighter

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