Theatres and Castles 1

In the late seventies and early eighties, Saturday was movie day. And by movies I mean I was a creature feature kid. In the part of PA where I lived it was possible to surf between three different stations that had their own special movie line-ups. For those who care, it was Channel 17 and Channel 29 out of Philly and Channel 48, which was from I don’t remember where. While the later two had no horror host, Channel 17 had one.

For years this host had no name in my memory. It was a scrap of television ephemera from the age before VCR. (Well, before my parents had one, anyways.)

About three years ago while taking a web assisted jog down memory lane, I discovered his name. Dr. Shock!

Shock Theater and Mad Theater show openings

Greetings from Doctor Shock

It was so strange to see him and his show opening after so long. Certain elements ring a bell while others are brand new. The tinge of vaudeville in his delivery was sort of lost on me in the past. Not to mention I can not be objective about the Doctor at all!

As I was gathering up these two bits a week ago, another piece of my Saturday afternoon ritual washed up from the collective unconscious that is YouTube. And this time it was a Castle.

This commercial had filled me with that mixture of dread and excitement that has made me a horror fan for much of my life. However seeing it now, I feel amused that it scared me at all.

Despite never having gone there, it is entwined in my mind with these Saturday memories of Dr. Shock and creature features.  From what happened next, the province of the imagination, of mine and others so inclined, is where this castle now resides. (The video quality of this clip like the above is not the best but it will have to do.)

The Brigantine Castle fire – Sept 26th 1987


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