Aretha’s Church Hat and The Musuem

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It’s so funny that there is so much chatter about a hat’s worthiness to be inducted in a museum. Personally I think the idea of a five hundred dollar hat is ridiculous. Yes, that’s how much designer Luke Song charges for this custom job.The regular one is One Hundred and Seventy-Nine dollars. I need to start designing hats.

I am all for the “Aretha hat”‘going to the Smithsonian. Preferably in the same room as Archie’s chair, Fonzie’s jacket and Liberace’s piano. (Do they have Liberace’s piano?) No disrespect to the Queen Of Soul but, it is just pop culture symbol not the Magna Carta.

I assume it would be a donation, right? There is a chance that Aretha Franklin won’t give it up for sentimental reasons. Which is understandable. Though it points out how different her world is from mine.


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