Playing in The Waves

Last Month was a very special month for my blogging life. This month has been strong one in terms of hits. While the number of comments has maintained (pretty much nil), I had a decent number of hits. It looks to have something to do with my number of ‘bad’ movie posts. I felt a brief pang to post more of that sort of thing. Still,  I want it to reflect my many interests.

I am not just a demographic. I like alot of divergent stuff which makes a sense in my own mind. I am a follower of the new but I really appreciate the depth that following things for more than a second yields. I understand what this site means to me but I wonder what people think of its broad swath.

So in another words, I know you people are out there! If you like certain things let me know. I’ll do what I can to focus on that but I am following the whims of my own overstimulated mind! I noticed that my statement of intent has been constantly tapped on. So there is a lot of you wondering what the hell is this about. I see this is as a tracking about where my thoughts go in a more or less day to day trajectory.  Okay I don’t post daily but I try to give a honest reflection of where my head is at.

And I am going to post soon. Weekends are good for me. I have some ideas but I need to sort ’em out.

Freaky Drummer


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