Five From The Fugue – A Statement of Intent

One of the things that drew my interest to the idea of blogging was the constant compulsive critical writing I have always done on the side. And when I say critical I use this term loosely. It is far more impressionistic than that. Having staked out my own area of interest which is largely distant from many of my fleshspace friends, I have always had a surfeit of ideas and reactions to pieces of pop culture ephemera which could be filed under countercultural or underground.


So having this back log of stuff it seemed like a good fit. Well that idea did not last long. The reason that was the two fold one that I have intimated on this site numerous times. The first aspect is I do not find writing synopsis to be enjoyable, not to mention it killls the experience of the first timer to find it for themselves. What I’ve found the most “sad”about approaching a “classic “is how so much of the experience had moved from the world of the object and into the world of the critic. The second aspect is the nature of the net itself. It does not support a deep reading. Yes many of my favorite bloggers and the like really dig into their subject. But most internet readers are grazers. And hey I do not blame them since the internet is its own distraction!

in the 70s pit

With these two concepts in mind, along with limits on my time, I ditched my first blog, Syntaxi, and began TSFI. It was going to be something much more compact, more aware of its medium, and just alot of fun. And it has been but it does feel some times like a YouTube channel sprinkled with clipmarked items. Not to say I haven’t collected some of my own touches with the use of my cellphone and an image capture but it just isn’t getting out the love I have for this pop art emphemra. TSFI is about exploring my own personal taste and observations and showing how it all gets mixed in, how it all resonates off each other. Plate Of Shrimp, my first post here, was wry nod in the direction of one of my earliest influences, Repo Man. What sort of movie is it? What is the point? Can you navigate the “random” currents and find understanding?

in my mind's eye

in my mind’s eye




Amidst the quick blast stuff I have been doing here at TSFI, I have tried a few experiments in personal content. The one that pleased me most was something on Herzog’s Strozek I wrote. It was just as much the format as the content. Since I know that I can go off into the wilderness of thought and never make my way back, I imposed a simple rule on myself. It can only be five paragraphs long. It just felt like the right amounts of freedom and control so I can …well you know…play and not bore the shit out of anyone who bothers to read it.


Now that brings us to a new feature at TSFI, Five From Fugue. What this feature will do is look at specific films, albums and books in a loose associative way. There may be spoilers but I am not going to go out of my way to relate a whole story (or mention every song). If it sounds interesting look it up for yourself. I will try to keep the gonzo criticism to a minimum but damn some things get me real excited! Strange abstract things. So starting in March, I’ll do one a month until I either get into the swing of it or tweak the concept further. Talk to ya later lurkers!……………

Where the wires meet the clouds

Where the wires meet the clouds


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