Clowns Taste Funny # 3 – Ricky, Peter, Chris, Dudley, Stan, and Laurel

 Peter Cook – Experiences in A Mine

Peter Cook & Dudley Moore -Teaching Ravens To Fly Underwater

Two extracts from what I believe to be at the very least Beyond The Fringe related sketches from Peter Cook and Dudley Moore. And if we are going talk that classic duo, you have to mention Bedazzled (1967), their big screen feature film.

Bedazzled (1967) (trailer)

There was no way I was going to not post the movie theme song sequence! 

The Pop Star Scene – Bedazzled (1967)

The name of Cook and Moore’s comedy troupe, Beyond The Fringe, surfaced in this interview fragment from Ricky Gervais meets Christopher Guest.  

 Christopher Guest – Influences ( interview excerpt)

And to end this off, here’s two clever bits from Ricky Gervais Stand-Up, taken from Animals and Politics, respectively.

 Ricky Gervais – Creationism

Ricky Gervais – Humpty Dumpty


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