Notes on Altman

Mash (1970)

Where most first met Robert Altman’s style. Much darker and meaner than the show it inspired. Theme song still sounds good all these years later When invoking great actors from the 70s, you can get few better than Donald Sutherland and Elliot Gould.

Altman on Dick Cavett

Brewster Mc Cloud (1970)

Will this movie ever be released!?  There is some serious love for this movie in the blogosphere. I used to have a copy I taped from television.  I miss it.  Here’s an excerpt…

McCabe and Mrs Miller (1971)

A revisionist western that resounds deeply with me. I may get into it in the future. There is more to say than what I can fit in this small space.  

The First Meeting 

Here’s the theme from the movie…

Coen’s The Stranger 

The Long Goodbye (1973)

A deconstruction of Chandler’s detective novel that is the godfather of  The Big Lebowski. Not as out there but quirky.  A movie that rewards on the re-watch.  Here’s an early scene where Marlowe attempts to feed a cat.

Robert Altman at 2006 oscars



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