Laugh It Up! – Killing Joke Micro-Comp

Time for more micro! 

I know we are all spoiled when it comes to sound quality these days so I’ve done my best to keep it good here. There are songs I’ve would chosen differently if sound was no object. I am glad that there was only one audio cut off included here. Find it for yourself. Consider it a game!


Here’s that KJ song that Come As You Are by Nirvana cops a riff from. Seems apropos considering how the start of the 21st century has gone.


Years later, David Grohl played drums for the band on the 2nd self titled album.

Coleman & Grohl Interview

Yeah I know they sound all heavy and what not but they are more than just the originators of that sound. Here’s two from the late 80s when they were mucking about. Something here reminds me of Faith No More but I am not sure what.

Kings And Queens

Let’s All Go To The Fire Dances

In the 90s when Ministry held sway over the underground industrial scene, they emerged with something in keeping with that style. Maybe not their best but I dig the sentiment.

Money Is Not Our God

Whenever I hear KJ, I always think back to their debut. Here’s some more live action. And then an audio only track. Remember when you just had to listen? I must admit it was odd putting this together since I have never associated videos with the music. It just enfolded in my mind. So let’s return to that here at the end.


Complications (audio only)


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