The Trailer Park Six – April 08, 2009

Drag Me To Hell

Not one prone to hype, in fact it has the opposite effect, I am ready for Sam Raimi to dash my hopes. The return of true horror? That’s a tall order. But this trailer does several things right. First it lets the movie speak for itself without those annoying voiceovers to explain everything. The intercut title cards, while very full of themselves, do not do that annoying thing they can do (more on that later). Then there is that chorus heavy orchestral music which I know sounds so melodramatic but feels so right. ( I’ll save you all from my horror movie soundtrack rant.) It makes me able to deal with the gypsy curse angle and the obligatory seance sequence. As long there are no inbred cannibal rednecks or victimized college kids, I willing to consider it something different. Fingers crossed, though I should know better.  Won’t play my town because it has Hell in the title. Will it  be listed on the marquee as simply ‘Drag Me’ ? Scheduled for a May release.


Somebody got their “Don’t Look Now” in  my  “Heart of Darkness”! Sorry, I couldn’t help it. The mix of jungle atmospherics and grieving parents made me do it. The creepy kid angle also evokes J-horror tropes. I enjoyed, not loved, Du Welz’s first film Calvaire. Not for its originality but its darkly humorous tweaks of surrealism. This does not seem to have that, going for an even grimmer tone and a grander scope. Probably not a good sign it is going straight to DVD. Or maybe the producers are concerned that the children elements of the story will not go over in our hysterical nanny state. Anyhow it looks worth at least rental. Came out yesterday, April 7th 2009.   


There were four films that came out in 2008 alone that had the title Hush. Not that movies having the same name bothers me. But this can’t be good for getting your little film some attention. It’s storylines is one of those road trip horror/thriller types that span all the way back to Speilberg’s Duel. And if that’s too old for you there’s that Joy Ride movie (ugh). (Not to mention Road Games or  the HBO orignal movie where Meat Loaf kidnaps one of the girls from Sex in The City!) All that ribbing aside, Mark Tonderai’s first film could be a good if not great time. The cinematography looks top notch.  They don’t seem to be reinventing the wheel however. I hope the pacing is lean and the twist is not whole show. I wish they had left all the intercut title cards without text until the second to last one which has the best tag line…Help Is Not On The Way (I know how you feel buddy). Currently on the European festival circuit. No known US release date.  

Dying Breed

My problem with this trailer was there was not enough screaming. It should have been every shot not every other. But hey you can’t have everything. This Tasmanian cannibal redneck fest at least kept the expository text bits to a minimum. I am not sure where a rare tiger fits in but that’s a good thing because I think I see how everything else does. I like the look of the natural locations and the ambient music used throughout. This is part of Lionsgate’s Horrorfest 2009 DVD line-up. I think I will make it a yearly tradition to pick two or three of the eight horrorfest selections and watch them. Just in hopes I will find something that is better than simply average. I am gonna check this out but I’m not expecting much. Out now on DVD!

The Burrowers

Why oh why am I giving this film a chance? Is it the western setting? Is it the cooly dark and gritty cinematography? (In a 21st century sense, of course. The 70s were the decade of dirt and darkness! ) The dumbest line in the trailer? “Those weren’t Indians.” Hey, thanks for thinking I am idiot! Please oh please don’t suck! Oh I got bad feelings about this. That is what I told myself as I added it to my Netflix.  Played Austin’s Fantastic Fest in September 2008.  Straight to DVD April 21st 2009.


What I like about this  trailer is I have no idea what the hell the movie is about. I’ve seen the original trailer over at Twitch earlier and it stuck with me. This one is clearly meant for the US release because it has more blood than the original trailer. Even the inter-titles can’t ruin it. Will be passed over by most because it looks cerebral. I mean what the hell? Horror is supposed to be stupid and cliche! Can you smell the sarcasm? Played Austin’s Fantastic Fest , September 2008. No details about release, DVD or theatrical, known.


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