Five From The Fugue : The Dreaded Progress Report


Since I have been really busy on other things posts had been slow going. That said post creation is the best exercise a writer can get.  Not because the writing is the best. Well, not at least in my case anyways. While some of best writing has not made up to the site, there are plenty of bloggers who really out there all into it. Just in my chosen area of interest the film blog, there are many.

But enough about other bloggers, how ’bout me? I have still not gotten a lot of feedback. ( To three commenters, who bothered to comment , I’m sorry I have not responded to your comments. I just haven’t figured out how to respond. I know how to do it, i just don’t what to say ) So I am still on the fence about making a links list. If you saw my internet bookmarks you would understand. I’d like to tell myself it has something to do with my blog’s intent but it is just laziness. ( I wonder if the lazy blogger will ever become a cliche like the hooker with a heart of gold or the technogeek hacker?)


As you can see this is why I don’t pull back the curtain too much. One things I have figured about blogging for me anyhow is I don’t want to have an online diary/journal about me. Yeah I make the selections about what to post  but that’s it. I want to have something like an editorial presence here.As I said early I have been working on several “deeper” movie/pop culture posts but I am not sure I want to get into it. It has been helpful to me as a writer. But would anyone read it? 

I have had more success (uhm..hits) with my quick posts than anything I’ve really planned. I say I don’t care about the number of visits so why am worried about it?  No witty comment here just noticing.

So what am I working on? A treatment and script for a friend. A short film. And  did i mention this invisible stack of  music/ film magazine stories?  Expect sporadic posts and more laziness. But I’ll keep it going. Another progress report in 30 to 45 days. And hey I did it in five paragraphs! 



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