Interuption of Service

another incredible flame out


It will go down in history as The Interuption in April. No we aren’t dead or become one of those ghost town sites where no posts arrive. Simply, I am in the process of changing computers for like the 500th time. Computers are getting to be like job applications. I am just simply tired of going through the process.

So I just wanted to let my surfer buds that I will be taking a blog-cation for the next two weeks until I get it all where I want it. Maybe sooner but that will be bad news for me if that is so. It will mean that I have not gone to Game Days in Maryland. This is all running on a thin thread people.

And now here’s a picture of Frankenstein. To underscore what a stitch job TSFI is these days. Besides I got some Jack Davis to burn. See you in 14 days!



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