A Small Adjustment



Okay, we’re back! I am back to the land of the Mac after an brief detour into the place where notebooks loaded with Vista live.  It’s so good to where I belong. Still working on getting everything back where I like it.  And then there is the growing list of non-blog related stuff I have calling my name. No I haven’t forgotten you my silent audience. So there will be a new music micro-comp coming up and by next weekend you have the third Trailer Park Six to view. When I get things in place you may even see some other things!                                                                                                                      

But with this last interruption, I am considering an adjustment to my posting schedule. I just can’t be an everyday posting guy.  But to fair to you invisibles who surf on in to see what the hell I am up to, I think I need to make this consistent. I am thinking of taking the first or last week off every month so I can build up some posts and working on other things. I am just not organized enough to keep this balancing act up. Damn, I working on creating a podcast now atop of all this! When I got this figured out, I’ll let you know. But yeah there will be some new content starting this week. Well that’s it for now…..


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