Trailer Park Six June 2009

Okay I’m back for more screaming into the void, trailer park style!

The Road

Can’t help but feel this movie is like Groundhog’s Day. Not the movie the holiday. If it’s successful, the world won’t end in 2012. But the intriguing thoughtful trailer without a voice-over doesn’t fill me with much hope that the film will be a hit. Thoughtful science fiction always sinks like a stone in this marketplace. And okay, the fact the studio has shifted the release a billion times doesn’t help either. That’s a sign of no faith in my book. What is keeping this from going down the luge of direct to DVD release is  Viggo, Cormac, and Oprah.  Pretty scary huh?


What do you get when you cross mumblecore with NOTLD? The zombie movie for the double digit budget. Maybe it will be good but for the moment the hype around is what has me drawn to it.

The Tenant

So I pull myself out of my blue funk of sickness, malaise, and mild depression to pull another six from the pack – the month isn’t shot yet, right? – and BANG it happened. One of my chosen ones has been washed away in a You Tube pogrom! And okay it wasn’t the best movie – some direct to dvd bound twaddle about some woman in a creepy boarding house/apartment complex situation getting creeped out…Well I think that was what it was, anyhow…I really do try to rustle these up in advance, you know.  Maybe the reason I chose it was because of the title. It reminded me of an awesome movie with the same name.


Okay. I know there is some Solaris/2001/Silent Running vibes to it but damn I want to see it! I think that Sam Rockwell has the chops to carry it and it may not be exactly what we think it is. Oh wait!…smart Science Fiction.. never mind…it’s doomed! 


You can say what you want about Von Triers character and his movies but the man knows film. This trailer and the internet murmurings about graphic sexual mutilation has made me very uneasy. Will I see it? Who knows? When and if it is shown in your local multiplex, the only thing you are going to see that will be cut to shit will be this movie. If you can’t sell it in the tweens or the teens, Hollywood don’t care. Maybe they could market it as a sequel to The Passion of The Christ…

Hysterical Psycho

With all this talk of doomsday scenarios, disintergrating personalities, genital mutilation, and family members turning into zombies, I thought I’d lighten it up with nice little retro style trailer. Love the musical choice, the intercut title cards, and the black and white cinematography. Sadly I have not heard much good about the film. Still we can hope. I mean it’s a cool trailer right?

Okay that’s it for now. I will gather up my empties and go home now. 



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