Trailer Park Six August 2009

Yeah, so I’m late what of it?  Here’s another bumper crop of trailers with my oh so grand observations.

District Nine

Good to see Peter Jackson using his Hollywood powers for good. I really have hopes for this one.


Best sore throat voiceover ever! Hilarious! Hope the film is better than Tokyo Gore Police! Whatever the case we have a great overblown and overlong trailer. Yummmy.

Inglorious Basterds

Speaking on movies I really want to be good. I was not moved by Kill Bill but will probably be there on opening day. Fingers crossed. And no I’m not hating on QT because it is the “in” thing. I gots my issues , you know?

Vampire Girl vs Frankenstein Girl

Would it be too snarky to say see my comments for Robogeisha? I thought so.

The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus

The mixture of actors gathered here along with Gilliam doing a bit of retrenchment does make this look intriguing. The visuals here are really stunning, ( surprise, surprise!) Whether or not this film will seem like a patchwork is yet to seen. I am really pulling this one.  The director really deserves a break in the tumult of his career.


What will become a regular feature of the six from here on out is the last trailer will be of older vintage. So this time it is the 7000 dollar time travel movie Primer. I especially the use of text on this one.

Okay there you have it. Another trailer park six in the can. I know it’s late but what you gonna do? Life is turbulent right now.  I better go before this turns into some sort of online diary. Screw that! As usual this is the point where I promise more content.


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