Five from The Fugue: Autumn Plans!

So here’s a post that is my current plans with a little bit of looking back. Yup, this counts as my progress report though we are looking forward more than we are looking back.


So it seems that Firefox is a crucial part of my blogging routine. Having tried to go it without Clipmarks, as you may have noticed, has reduced my number of posts the last couple of months. This will not do! Let’s face it I am lazy. I have no delusions that anybody is coming here that much. And that’s my fault. Opposed to being a personal online journal or a concentrated media thing, this is about whatever strikes my fancy.  I think that alot of bloggers better than myself have more confidence in their words than me. If I really put my face to the grindstone, I could crank out some pretty involved posts. But seriously, I am working on other things which hopefully lead to more attention than my marginal writings. Still I do not want this to be a dead site where you swing by to see if I am still alive. If that was the point why the hell would I continue to do this? I still want to spread the word about the things that boat my float!


With Halloween less than a month off, I want to kick this up a notch. (Sorry ’bout the Emril!) So to make this happen I am going to put the Trailer Park Six on hiatus ’til November.  In their place we are going to have two events in the next two months. For September, I am going to do a event I am calling Noise Annoys. It will focus on my love of weirdo outre experimental rock. You don’t like it? Too bad. I dig this stuff. This will start on September 13 and run for the rest of the month. How many posts? Dunno. Hopefully, the re-instatement of Firefox and Clipmarks will throw the numbers into the double digits.  Not just for the event but in general.

another incredible flame out

Between “Noise Annoys” and my 2nd annual 31 posts to Halloween, there will be a special event which while not taking a lot of posts which will give you invisibles an idea of what I have doing with my time.


So there you have it. All sorts of plans and a promise to bump things up. I am trying to keep this alive, people.  Don’t be shy, throw me some comments!

This is where I want to live

This is where I want to live



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