31 Posts to Halloween 2 – Post # 3 : Secret Iris Tribute


Though I am not thrilled with the idea of a remake of Suspiria, it is good that someone as talented as director David Gordon Green is attached. Still it is never going to take the place of the original in my pantheon of horror films. What it lacks in logic, it makes up for in mood.  This candy colored dark fairy tale, with a brutal heart, is best felt than dissected.  If you want explanations and airtight plotting,  you’ve come to the wrong school.

Suspiria taxi

suspiriafr poster

suspiria_counting steps

Suspiria is one of those movies I’ve seen more times than I can remember. It belongs to a select group of horror films that despite of shortcomings and flaws, I love. I’ve tried many times to explain it to myself and others but it comes out all wrong. It is such a pure visceral experience that words can only hint at its allure. I know most people won’t like it and that’s fine by me. They can have all the SAW movies and I”ll take Suspiria. Sounds fair to me.

Suspiria 2

There are so many tidbits and insights I have accumulated over the years on Suspiria that I know this will not be the last time I write about it. Stay Tuned!


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