31 Posts to Halloween 2 – Post # 22 : Gallery of Questionable Masks


Here’s the face of true evil!
jacksonI like horror films and dark fiction but, even I find this morbid.  Looks like it should worn in Japanese Theatre not for walking the streets.  Possible new mask for Scream franchise?

burger king

Something about those commercials just seem wrong! Do I want to live in one?

illegal alien mask

The face that launched a thousand footnotes! Is the mask making industry part of a vast conspiracy?  If you can’t see it, it is because it in such poor taste that those who make those decision have decided you would be…well who knows?! Glad to see we are progressing as a culture!

palin head

Seems more real than most politicians.  If hordes of blindfolded children attacked it with baseball bats what would fall out?


Why not a clown?! Everyone loves clowns right?


Looks more like Tuvok from Voyager than The President in the White House.  So he’s Transylvanian not American? Can’t wait for those emails!


Again, I am stunned but how humane this mask looks compared to the real person.  To complete the costume, don’t forget  a hunting outfit and shotgun. Hey! Bring along a friend!


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4 responses to “31 Posts to Halloween 2 – Post # 22 : Gallery of Questionable Masks

  1. monster

    i would like to buy the clown mask but i dont know how to buy it

    • latenighter

      Sorry I’m not a mask retailer. I stumbled across it while doing the halloween post thing I do. If I think of where I found it, I’ll let you know.


  2. amber

    heyyyyy i love the micheal jackson mask and the otha 1 where he has a massive bow on with ginger hair i love them 🙂

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