2009 Halloween Fugue Fest Post # 3


So here’s the rest of my last minute horror marathon.  There is no way this is going to be as wordy as my first fugue fest post. I’ll manage a few comments as I go.


Pit Price in Melancholy

My little festival seems to have been swirling around past icons like Price, Lee, & Cushing. They had a charismatic power that seems lacking in the usual suspects of horror these days. Inbred rednecks, zombies, and masked killers are how we like our madmen now. I miss that old spectre of sophisticated malignance. I mean The Pit and The Pendulum is carried on Price’s satin shoulders and Corman’s 60s savvy gothic camera.

drive in the dark country

judgement of du marnac

Though I was slow to recognize how great he was, I know now that Paul Naschy is probably the last old school horror icon we have left. And he will probably be obscure forever simply because of his pure dedication to horror of the past. Not that he is not savvy to the rhythms of his prime era, the 70s. Spanish horror of that era has always felt like the film equivalent of 70s marvel horror comics but with that regional flavor. Horror Rises From The Tomb has an atmosphere that can overcome any shortcomings. Well unless you have problems with resurrected warlocks and half naked spanish starlets.  It seems almost (heh) innocent to modern sensibilities.

witch in waiting

Tumba Goth couple ha


The final film of my little horror soiree was Anguish. It was not intended to be the last film.  It is a tribute to a type of film that in this day would be impossible to do. With the spoiler infested info-sphere we live in these days, its secrets are a click away.  While there are good performances from Michael Lerner and Zelda Rubenstein, this is a movie strangely without a central performance to hold it together. It is an enjoyable film but certainly anticlimactic after all these villain driven vehicles that I managed to cram into the last hours of Halloween. Stay tuned !

Face of Anguish

anguish wheel

ear to the shell



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One response to “2009 Halloween Fugue Fest Post # 3

  1. urdead2me

    RIP – Paul Naschy, 75, who drank blood, howled at the moon, swathed himself in bandages, and didn’t let a hunched back deter his dreams. But the “Boris Karloff of Spain” was no match for an even more horrific monster: pancreatic cancer. http://urdead2me.wordpress.com/2009/12/01/rip-paul-naschy/

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