Laughter in The Dark

While superheroes are all the rage in Hollywood, who is looking to the fertile imaginative world of indie/alternative/underground comics? Lucky for us, no one. Since if they were, they’d probably screw it up. And even if there was someone, they’d never touch Al Columbia’s work.

It’s like a bomb went off in the subconscious of Max Fleischer and Columbia was around to collect the pieces years later when they fell to earth. In this time of safe substitution power fantasies, Columbia’s work is truly provocative stuff. Funny, dark, and impeccably executed.

As you can tell from my gushing, I am a fan. I am nowhere close to having all of his work. Not that there is whole lot though. It was from his contributions to late 90s Fantagraphics anthology, Zero Zero that I became enamored with his style. ( My fingers are perma-crossed in hopes for a release of his past works in one handy volume!) And twelve years later, I still hunger for more.

So now I wait anxiously for the arrival of Pim & Francie: The Golden Bear Days in the post. Looking at the book while in a Boston comics shop sealed the deal for me. It doesn’t look to be an easy read but a pretty rewarding one for a freak like me. If you want to know more about what I’m on about, just clicks some pics and explore. Go have a fugue, you know?


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