Bury February Post # 9 – Funny Painful Truth

Truly great artful entertainment is not all  puppy dogs and sailboats despite what you may have seen for sale at a gas station or department store.  Sometimes it’s got have real big teeth and have a point. And it has to tell the truth no matter how ugly or uncomfortable it may be. If you’re lucky, it can be as funny as hell.

You may think after that intro and the movie poster, I am talking about “In The Loop”. But you’d be wrong.  Okay, not completely. Yes, it was the place where I first encountered the withering cruel humor of one Malcolm Tucker as played by Peter Capaldi. I more admired than loved this movie.

That said, In The Thick Of It, the brit-com on which the movie is based, is fantastic. It makes so much comedy look like child’s play. This is honest and mean stuff which is howlingly funny if you pay attention. There are no guard rails. Just bracing stuff. If you are easily offended, it’s your loss. Grow a pair.

Here’s episode 2 of the latest season. Watch it while you can. Hey could we get a region 1 release for this series?


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