Bury February Post # 12 – A Moment For Us Pt 2


Late breaking development at TSFI compound. My Mac Mini took a dump! So completion of  the latest Blogging event, Bury February, looks dicey. I had saved various items to wordpress but it is not going to be a hundred percent smooth.  I was working on two more Bakshi Timewarp bits but I only expect to get one more of them in before we slide into March. That would be my post on the contraversial Bakshi feature Street Fight (AKA Coonskin). So my Bakshi posts will push into next month. Also I had another music post which I am going to have to partially reconstruct which will keep it from being part of Bury February. At this point, I am really hoping to have another director related post in before we hit the end of the month. But who knows what will make it in due to my current situation. My goal is to hit 14 posts before the end of this most disheartening of months. So wish me luck!


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