Podcasts That Ate My Brain # 1

Here’s something a little different….

Podcasts has become a regular part of my daily life. All my efforts to reduce the number of shows I listen to has been next to impossible. So here’s some favorites.

A good cross section of cult and horror movies are covered by Mondo Movie.  Really enjoyable and well produced.  I hope they get back to a regular schedule.

Big Willy and Samurai Rick put together a really packed show with lots of warmth and plenty of blue humor.  I like the fact they really dig up some very unique movie choices.  Not the longest podcast I listen to, but they are not afraid to sprawl out a bit and go deep.

Film Junk is focused on more mainstream-y content but it is solid cross section of movie discussion. More News based than the others I’ve mentioned. Well put together and the three hosts (Sean, Jay & Greg) have real rapport. They keep a good schedule. And when they go off topic, it is still entertaining.

 So go have a fugue and open your ears to these podcasts.


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