Five From The Fugue – Margin Writer

People used to ask me, at work, what I was reading. I found a way to stop this. Instead of trying to explain, I handed them the book and suggest they read the back cover. This stopped the requests. Most people don’t want to know the story as much as they want to know the reader. Is it my winning personality?

It was not just my dislike of book reports which lead to this solution. I think appreciation of art/entertainment is and should be a personalized experience. If you want to know a movie or book you need to know it personally. All I can give is a recommendation.

Just because I don’t give that synopsis to you, doesn’t mean I don’t want to talk about arts & leisure. I feel a need to talk about movies, music, & books all the time. I just don’t do synopsis. I don’t mind reading or hearing them, I just don’t want to create them. I’d rather talk about impressions, moods, and elements. Have a fugue, get lost in art.

Framing the writing of this sort is the computer medium itself. We all know about IMDb and All Music right? So instead of trying to write the authoritative piece, I am just scribbling in the margins. Or possibly footnoting on a good day. I’m hoping this is a good day anyhow.

In my roundabout way, this Five from the Fugue is my statement of intent for all future movie related fugue Five. So here’s hoping it breaks up this log jam in my head!


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