Podcasts That Ate My Brain # 2

This podcast round-up is listed from non-explicit to most explicit. So if racy content is going to offend, let say just skip listening to the last two podcasts. My love of the irreverent and outrageous is not universal. You’ve been warned!

Chicago’s Filmspotting is among one of the first podcast I’ve ever listened. Along with Film Junk, it is my chief source for mainstream-y movie talk. The added bonus here is the top five lists which focus largely on classic/arthouse films. Syndicated to public radio stations, this is a safe show in terms of content.

NOTLP is a long standing horror podcast coming straight out of Ohio. With its loose roundtable discussion, wild humor, and working class charm, NOTLP balances comedy and content. In terms of edge if you can hang with a Stephen King level of raunch, you’ll be fine.

60s Swing, 70s sleaze, 80s cheese, & garage rock inform the dimensions of the mammoth Movies About Girls podcast. All but the stoutest of hearts and smartest of smart-asses will find their senses seared by this epic. If breasts, bile, or blue humor make you blush, you want to steer clear. For the rest of us, this is one well put together show with a variety of segments all held together by Ken McIntyre, The King of Podcasting!

Well that’s it for now. Go have a fugue!


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