“And the redbird sings, I’ll be blue”

Without a thought, I woke up, went straight to youtube and started searching for Roger Miller. He represents a lot of things. Not simply Americana but my childhood.

I think the Muppet Show was where I first saw him. My parents had been spinning his records for years. Glad, they didn’t come with canned laughter. I might’ve missed how clever and near anarchic the songs were.

One of the things that amazed me about my search for Roger was how much stuff there was. Some of it mild mannered, some of it really out there. I can’t help but think he would’ve approved.

You can’t blame Roger Miller for that annoying Hamster Dance meme of the 90s. A techno remix of Whistle Stop served as the backbone to that splash of day-glo absurdity. However if you go back to the source, you’ll find something more organic and warm. With Whistle Stop, the scat singing flourishes of his catalog come to center stage

Boiling this down to a hand full of tracks has not been easy. For every song included there seems to be another I’ve left out. I’ve also focused more on his more whimsical material. I’m partial to the word play and irreverence. It shines a light for me into a darkened world. I’m not prone to nostalgia but in Roger’s case, I’ll make an exception…. Here’s a goofy youtube video to end this up.

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