Shining Figures in A Dark Mirror

Where the wires meet the sky

This is my latest progress report on TSFI with plenty of digressions. 50% more words! Though it has been pretty silent on the comments end of things, I’ve felt good about the frequency and quality of my posts. It’s been quite a learning curve. Blogging feels like a distinct format to me. And then, I read things like this. Click on the logo, I’ll wait…

Now that’s real thoughtful writing! As someone who wants to spend an hour or less on a post, I have no doubt about how much time it takes to blog. I enjoy these sort of dense posts but, I am skeptical that most web readers aren’t skimmers. I watch current tech advances like iPad or Kindle to see if the ways people read the internet and the written word will change. And is it a good thing?. Do you go with the trend, work against or puzzle out the difficult third option?

One of the reasons I started blogging was to discuss things I love in detail. As I’ve mentioned before, one of my first internet writing experiences was posting reviews on Amazon. I’ve never wanted to expose myself (heh) to the world at large. I’ve heard many people describe social networks such as Facebook as a community of rubberneckers gathered together as focus groups. I am not so sure this is far from the truth. Instead of developing forums for intelligent conversation, a lot of what I see is gossip on steroids.

Not to say what I am doing here is capital B blogging but, I’ve been trying to find a third option. When you don’t know who you are speaking to, how do you speak? I can’t help but find pretense in either extreme view of audience. The truth is somewhere in the middle.

Then something like Muir’s post on “Torture Porn” smacks me right between the eyes. It is this wonderfully composed piece on genre film and its place in society. I start thinking, should I be doing more than I do here at TSFI?

Would I be willing to cut back my posting frequency to actually do more “proper” writing? I am the first to admit my satisfaction at looking at my blog stats and see that I get around 900 visits a month. I think I owe that to the “keeping ’em flying” attitude I have towards blogging. Many many posts and events have fallen apart simply because of the amount of prep required to pull them off. Couple that with the “I am not getting paid for this crap” thought that swims around my skull when it gets rough, TSFI is lucky to be alive.

Recently I’ve been considering re-purposing my Theoretical Rabbitt site to be more of my writing journal and leave TSFI as it is. All Ears and Tale has gone dormant due to the lack of reliable contributors for the production company. At the moment it’s me and one other guy, with me being the chief focus. With a return to school on the horizon, it may be some time before it becomes a viable avenue for creative projects. So why not use the space to do some other types of posts? Look for a redesign on All Ears and A Tale in late fall. I’ll keep you posted.

Now go have a fugue….Though I don’t know about Martyrs. What will you see when you look into that glass, darkly?


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