31 Posts to Halloween – The Final Dimension! : Post # 14 – Monster Mashed

Hold on, Invisibles, here we go into the heart of Halloween, The Novelty Hit That Wouldn’t Die!

There are tons of Monster Mash videos like the above out there. Another of those pesky memes I have no idea where they come from but dammit a lot of us got it.

This Vincent Price version makes me feel like I’m losing my mind or some wolfman in bad glasses slipped me a mickey. Mickey? Who sez that anymore? Sez? Uhm I could do this all night and ….

I’ve been burned out on The Monster Mash for many years now. When I heard The Bonzo Dog Band version last month for the first time, I knew I had found my favorite version. So here it is, below. Trivia for you – Do Not Adjust Your Set was where several Monty Python members got their start. And the bond between Python and Bonzo went on for a long time. The Bonzo Dog guys are arguably the architects of the Python songs. Just check the song credits. Okay I’ll stop now. I offer this image of Bobby Pickett as a peace offering.

Oh and here’s that Bonzo Dog as promised.


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