31 Posts To Halloween – The Final Dimension! : Post # 31 – Seven, Eight, Stay Up Late

These films aren’t for the casual crowd. This set is for the die hards searching the darkest corners. Not simply for shocks or for laughs but for those who enjoy all the genre offers.

Behind The Mask

When it went from mockumentary to more conventional scare movie form, I knew they had me hooked. If you think about it too hard, you are missing the point. It does remind me of Man bites Dog a little though it has more gloss than that. Nathan Baesel as Leslie Vernon is very entertaining, delivering laughs and menace in a natural off kilter style. Includes cameo parts from Robert Englund and Zelda Rubinstein that never feel like bad fan service. Not too bad for a movie that name drops Jason, Michael, & Freddy in the first five minutes.

Lake Mungo

My favorite of Lionsgate’s Movies To Die For series. A very effective horror film about guilt, grief, and ghosts in a suburban Australia. Winding through family secrets delivered in a low key creepy style which never completely violates its unsolved mysteries / TV documentary set up. A strong piece of ambiguous dread
where the viewer is required to build their own conclusions as layers of artifice are torn away to reveal further enigma. I appreciate the refusal to tie up everything.

Bloody Birthday

Early 80s never felt so good. Flimsy premise propels this killer kids movie into slightly sleazy/twisted scenarios before going right into that kill or be killed end scenario. Small bits from Michael “Avenging Force” Dudikoff , Julie Brown, and Mel Ferrer float like debris through this well paced film of absurd menace. Not as hard edged as Orphan but more delicate sensibilities than mine may be traumatized by these 70s tv movie style brats. I will cop to the fact that the ending is the definition of anti-climax. I was entertained for much of its 81 minute running time.

Ossorio’s Blind Dead series was my first jaunts into the wonderful world of 70s Spanish horror. They fuse the pulp elements of 60s gutbucket horror exploitation cheapies to the gothic flow of classic Hammer Films. There is a visceral earthy quality to them. Not to mention the blind dead are a really kick in the eye! The design on the Knights Templar in these films is archetypal. While Tombs of The Blind Dead, the series start, is where Ossorio really blew his creative/directorial load, the second film is where the series truly finds it groove. There is less of the spanish castle magic found in the first but the larger canvass here is more fun. It should appeal to well versed zombie fans though the blind dead are more undead blood drinkers/ heart eaters that shambling brain munchers.

Don’t forget these classics either! – Suspiria! Phantasm! Horror of Dracula! Horror Rises From The Tomb! Claw your way through the past for change!


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