Since You’ve Been Leaving

Oh, there you are. Funny…You’re shorter than I remember. Well, I’ve been away for awhile and, with the upcoming holiday, it seems like a good time to consider the progress of the fugue.

While I am not considering pulling the plug on this blogging experiment, I am trying to figure out what form I want this to take. External changes in my life and developing thoughts on how the internet fits in that has given much to consider. The demands on my time seem to be increasing. Don’t worry I won’t be pulling back that damn curtain more than a few inches

TSFI has always been about me finding the synergy between all the things that spark my interest and imagination. Well that and having an excuse to put one word after another. And to escape the review loop. I mean when it comes to the things I love, from “alternative” comics to Italian horror films to designer board games, I have a compulsion to share. I don’t get a lot of feedback on this kind of thing but it doesn’t stop me! There is shadowy region of cool just outside the commercial sphere that deserves to be recognized. Maybe that’s just me but I hope not.

I am obviously not doing this so I can stand on the shoulders of giants or to build a “brand”. My motives are not that calculated. While I admire those who pour their blood sweat and tears into being part of the blogosphere, I don’t really feel like a part of that. I feel like the swap meet/flea market version. I’m just arranging things in my front yard, hoping to make you stop and look around.

I’ve tried to get into a routine with TSFI but it has never worked out. My concepts of workflow and time management are still in progress. I added twitter to the site in hopes that would keep the content coming.
It worked for maybe five minutes. It amazes me when I see signs that people still pass through here when I’ve not added anything for a while. It’s a weird sense of momentum. What next?


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