2010 Found Sounds : In the Presence of the New

Sometimes you just have to keep it going even when you don’t know where it’s all going. And in the interest of that, here’s a small list of current music I discovered. I think my days of being completely atop the underground/indie/whatever are fading fast. I enjoy to read those end of the year lists over at Magnet or Pitchfork but I’m just not doing the day in day out hunt for the new like I have in the past. There are too many distractions and entertainments out there. It’s good and bad I suppose.

Not to mention end of year lists are built on the premise that somehow are experiences with entertainment are linear. As you know, not so! This year, I did a lot of rediscovering and reconnecting with music I’ve loved and enjoyed in the past. And it’s been great that the 500 pound gorilla in the room, the internet, has made it possible to break out of that record release cycle that some still believe drives the entertainment industry. Geez, talk about pretension! It’s all changing!

Ok, I’ll shut up and get to it.

I was going to give asides and explanations. Like how I am thrilled that Superchunk and Robyn Hitchcock are still out there OR that Warpaint reminds me of 4AD records OR that Janelle Monae is not really my normal brew BUT I won’t. Oh, wait…. If all goes to plan I’ll have a Found Sounds list for some of my more vintage explorations. BUT we all know how it is with plans.


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